photo by Jake Marote

Those of us who grew up in Hawaii, know how lucky we are.  Hawaii offers up an idyllic tropical setting year round with beautiful beaches and lush mountains around every turn.   We can be as active or as relaxed as we please with offerings such as surfing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, sitting on the beach, and more...

If you Love Hawaii and respect the Islands and her people, you are part of the Ainokea Hui.  As long as you feel confident about what it is you are doing here and do it with Aloha, than by all means.. go for it!  


Ainokea Hui //2019

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Joshua Molina - Xtra Josh - Oahu - Bali

Chelsea Yamase - kauai 

Matty Wong - Oahu - Cali

More Ainokea Hui //2019

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